Welcome to Working XML Today .com

Dedicated to
helping students
and professionals,
whether technical or not,
understand XML basics,
and learn how XML is used today in industry,
especially for "cloud" companies such as Workday
(and also, "beyond the basics" materials for
consultants desiring XML expertise,
particularly with integrations.)

Meet David Epstein and attend his presentation at the next Girls Innovate! conference on why taking the AP CS Java exam or learning computer programming in college is worthwhile for female students, and especially girls interested in pursuing their innovative ideas for creating a business.

David Epstein's Summer of Charity starts now (June 3, 2013)

David is available for select days this summer! 100% of proceeds go to Parkinson Voice Project.

For availability, and more info on what David can do for you,

email david.epstein AT this domain (that's david dot epstein @ workingXML .... you know the rest.)

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